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Sleep Ritual Bath Soak - Lavender


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Unwind with our Lavender Sleep Ritual Bath Soak.

Lavender has been used in baths throughout history to calm the body and mind. Scientific evidence indicates that aromatherapy with lavender may assist with improving sleep quality, endorsing relaxation, lifting the mood of those who suffer from sleep disorders, as well as slowing down the activity of the nervous system.

The Sleep Ritual Bath Soak contains lavender essential oil to help induce sleep, making it a common alternative to medication for the treatment of insomnia, combined with magnesium to soothe your muscles and nerves, and bicarbonate of soda to support healthy cellular energy production, this luxurious bath soak is the perfect way to prepare yourself for sleep.

Make this soak a pre-sleep ritual to help calm your body and mind before bed.

Ingredients: epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), bicarbonate of soda, tapioca starch, lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lavender flower.

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