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Why Meditation for Kids?

The Goodnight Co. Mind Time for Kids 


The benefits of introducing children to a meditation practice go far beyond helping them to sleep more soundly.

1. Psychological Benefits

Improved memory
Meditation helps a child remember things more clearly. If started early, this can help with their learning at school. 

Greater creativity
Due to focused attention, the children are able to explore their minds and formulate ideas. During childhood one’s creativity is at peak, but what kids lack is focused attention which meditation helps to solve. With meditation, the child is now able to focus on his ideas which you can help him or her materialise. 

Reduced anxiety
With meditation, the child worries less and is calmer in stressful situations.

2. Spiritual Benefits

With continuous practice, the child is able to become more intuitive, developing feelings of connection to other people and the environment.

Practising meditation teaches children the art of mindfulness, encouraging them to be present and aware of their minds and bodies.

3. Physical benefits

Improved immune system
Research shows that the people who meditate have lesser chances of suffering from high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks. Children will grow up healthier and stronger.

Relaxed muscles
Mediation helps one relax not only his or her mind but also the muscles. This will reduce muscular tension leading to a more relaxed growth.

Reduced pain
The calm that comes with meditation helps reduce strain related pain like headache.

Better sleep
The relaxing effect of meditation will help your kids sleep more soundly and luxuriously. Good sleep will further enhance their concentration.

4. Emotional Benefits

In addition to the above benefits, meditation can have a profound effect on a child’s emotional well-being.

Greater ability to love and be loved
Meditation helps children appreciate their surroundings; they are able to show more affectionate feelings towards others. People tend to respond in kind, something that will help your child develop a healthy self-esteem.

Greater confidence
Ability to calm their minds will help them face issues more confidently, whether it is that bully at school or that girl they really want to approach.

Positive Attitude
Generally, meditation helps the child project a positive outlook towards life.

Meditation is all about understanding and following your path. When the child starts to follow his or her own path, he or she is happier and more fulfilled.

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