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"Someone told me recently that a ten minute magnesium bath is better than meditating every day."

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If your go-to pillowcases are of the cotton variety, may we suggest you trial a silk pillowcase instead?

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For bonus points, sleep on a silk pillowcase. “It really does help,” says Barney Martin, from Barney Martin Hair. 

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“Having sex before bed can reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality,” says Morrison.

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Celebrity hairstylist, Anthony Nader, says sleeping on silk regulates the scalp’s oil production – meaning less hair washing – and keeps hair soft and smooth.

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The benefits of a silk slip transcend mere touch and feel, proffering a host of benefits for both skin and hair.

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We're all so busy and buzzing from our hectic, demanding lives that winding down at night can be surprisingly elusive.

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It’s honestly the ONLY way to get a good night sleep.

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Shea Morrison, sleep expert and co-found of The Goodnight Co. explains when we hit 'snooze' we're setting ourselves up to fail.

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It's about choosing one or two small things that will help build some kind of routine to take the difficulty out of waking each morning.

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Ms Morrison told Daily Mail Australia that the most important thing when it comes to a good night's sleep is priming yourself to go to bed.

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