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Immunity Boost Kit

Super charge your body’s immunity-boosting, self-healing system



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Super charge your body’s immunity-boosting, self-healing system
  • Your all encompassing natural immunity kit to strengthen, fortify and support your body’s defence system.
  • Expertly blended Immunity Pure Essential Oil and Immunity Roll On to use in your diffuser or on the go - safe for the whole family.
  • Packed with antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detoxing properties to ease your body and soothe your mind.
  • Cold + Flu Drops to naturally ease symptoms of cold and flu viruses, and even seasonal allergies.
Perfecting your sleep routine
  1. Support your body’s natural immunity response from home or work with the Immunity Pure Essential Oil in a diffuser
  2. Keep well-rested and fighting fit on the go with the Immunity Roll On
  3. Don’t let cold or flu symptoms disrupt quality sleep or play havoc with your sleep-wake cycle by taking the Cold + Flu Drops for relief

It’s no secret that quality sleep and self-care are vital in winter months, when your immune system can be more susceptible to cold and flu viruses, particularly if ‘comfort eating’ goes up and outdoor exercise hits the skids. Who hasn’t been there?

Our Immunity Boost Kit has the power and all-natural tools to keep your sleep health routine on track by listening to and supporting your body’s inner immune-boosting and healing know-how.

Pure essential oils are, essentially, Mother Nature’s gift, and extremely effective for managing sleep, mood and energy levels. Not to be sniffed at, the right combination of ingredients – as heroed in our  Immunity Pure Essential Oil and Immunity Roll On – can also work as a force field of sorts against seasonal bugs and allergies, playing back-up to your body’s inner defence system. 

These 100% natural blends combine the power of seven essential oils, with ingredients famed for antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties to support your immunity levels.

However, if a cold or flu strikes and your body sends out a ricochet of alarm signals: runny nose, headache, cough, congestion, chills, fatigue, and muscle aches - we’re still here for you. Our expertly formulated Cold + Flu Drops are a purifying, rebalancing remedy to fast-track and super-charge your body’s self-healing powers. 

Most importantly, its bug-busting ingredients simultaneously alleviate a host of cold and flu symptoms before they take hold and seriously disrupt quality sleep or play havoc with your circadian rhythm (internal body clock). The kind of winter blues The Goodnight Co. is on a mission to snuff out.


The Goodnight Co.’s Immunity Boost Kit includes: 

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Psst: You’re not alone if you’re struggling to get enough quality sleep, particularly in uncertain times. The Goodnight Co. has developed an easy-to-use guide that helps you create your best sleep routine – 10 Steps / 10 Days: Your guide to Sleep Well, Be Well 

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All Natural Immunity Kit

Seven Protective Oils

On The Go Support

How To Use

Pop a few drops of the Immunity Blend in your diffuser throughout the day, and use the Immunity Roll On on your pulse points while you’re out and about. Take 6-8 drops of the Cold + Flu Drops under the tongue to ease flu symptons.
Psst: Supersize feel-good benefits with a daily dose of sunshine.

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