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Can walking barefoot help you sleep better?

Can walking barefoot help you sleep better?

Earthing has to be the most straight-forward method to improving your health you will ever hear...

We all did it as a kid, but most of us tend to grow older and forget to find enjoyment in the most simple things - walking barefoot. It may seem odd, but when was the last time you walked outside without shoes on green grass, sandy beaches or even through dirt? Tough to remember?

Without getting too scientific here, forming that physical connection with the ground, according to research, can help with reduced levels of inflammation and pain and even improved sleep! I bet you're taking off those shoes right now...

Is this concept legit? Well... health writer Martin Zucker, who co-authored the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? with cardiologist Stephen Sinatra and Clinton Ober, are all huge Earthing advocates.. Their book explains earth's ability to restore and stabilise the bioelectrical circuitry in our bodies. 

Now excuse us while we leave our laptops, phone and shoes inside and reconnect in the easiest way we have ever, ever read... 

Not yet convinced & want to read more into the scientific nitty gritty? Here we go: Journal of Environmental and Public Health

Image Source: Earthing Oz

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